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Why US Live Video Monitoring (USLVM)?

US Live Video Monitoring – All Other Monitoring Software VMS Alerting VS VMS SmartLiveView®

VMS, Video Management Software:

USLVM uses and develops VMS software/Platform/Format technology and configures it to provide the highest and most effective Live Video Monitoring Available.

Our VMS is a combination of stripping out the negative elements and enhancing the positive elements while providing USLVM’s new software additions showcasing a product that is more robust, faster, and reliable. All while proud of the highest level of security of any VMS platform available today and proprietary to USLVM incorporated into our SLV® software.

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How They Do It

How We Do It

AS an example, in a standard VMS system with 25 cameras there will be approx. 14 alerts per minute, which produces 840 alerts in a standard 12-hour monitoring shift. Over 99% of said alerts are false, created by changes in pixelization and movement,  by wind and other sources. The Certified Monitoring Agent must verify that said alerts are not from a Vehicle or Person(s) moving around the property. This creates REACTIVE MONITORING while diverting the monitoring agent’s attention from other monitoring sites at The Monitoring Agents station. Keep in mind this is an example of one location of the many the agent is watching. She is watching as many as 33,600 alerts during that same period.

With SLV software through Analytics and Algorithm elimination false alerts and only monitoring real alerts of Persons and Vehicles during the same period the agent is only having to monitor anywhere from 0 alerts to a few alerts per location per hour.

US Live Video Monitoring – All Other Monitoring Software VMS Alerting VS VMS SmartLiveView®

Proactive Protection Eliminates False Alerts

The SLV® VMS uses algorithms and analytics by masking out anything outside of the property’s perimeter.

Then taking the size of a vehicle and or a person(s) from each camera and dragging it out to the property line to determine what size a person(s) or Vehicle would be where ever the object is on the property, then SLV is able to eliminate all false alerts so the Certified Monitoring Agent is able in real time to follow an object the second that object enters the property and track said object as it moves around the property. Notifying the proper authorities and staying in constant contact with them so when the authorities enter the property, they know the exact location on the property the person(s) or Vehicle is located.


  • SmartLiveView®  changes monitoring from Reactive to Proactive by eliminating false alerts creating real-time monitoring, and object tracking the second an object enters your property.
  • All Monitoring Companies use two types of monitoring: Touring or Alerts – ALL REACTIVE SYSTEMS
  • Only USLVM’s SLV® Monitoring Technology uses real-time Live Video Monitoring and Object Tracking

US Live Video Monitoring – All Other Monitoring Software VMS Alerting VS VMS SmartLiveView®


USLVM provides many other Features and Benefits not available with other video monitoring companies.

      1. Sat-Link™
      2. SLV Cloud Storage
      3. Intelligent Search
      4. Two-Way Audio
      5. Most Experience IT Department in the Industry
      6. Suspicious & Missing objects
      7. Redundancy: Monitoring Station at every level


  • All new agents go through a thorough Nationwide Background checks and Drug Testing.
  • Days of classroom training
  • Week of working with various Monitoring Agents during a live shift.
  • Agents can only work 6 hrs. per shift and 1 shift in a 24 hour period.
  • Policies and Procedures and Shift End Reports

USLVM has No Long-Term Contracts All contracts may be cancelled with a 30-day Notice.

In most cases locations that already have a camera system will require no investment for USLVM to monitor your property using SmartLiveView®

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