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US Live Video Monitoring Inc. is a nationwide live video surveillance company based in Florida and operating throughout the continental United States.

  • USLVM specializes in proactive and intelligent hi-tech surveillance services that can significantly improve threat detection and police response.
  • Our specialized video monitoring services significantly improve threat detection and police response.
  • USLVM is on the cutting edge of future security technologies and artificial intelligence. Our unique array of security solutions feature advanced technology through our proprietary analytics software SmartLiveView®, combined with human intelligence and complete redundancy of all processes while detecting and deterring crime affordably and effectively.

Profile: Scott Warshaw – CEO USLVM - The Evolution Of An Industry

Mr. Warshaw, with over 50 years of business experience, in 2008, founded the Live Video Monitoring Industry. As a distributor selling CCTV systems to businesses, Mr. Warshaw discovered a NEW platform call CMS – Central Management Software. It was developed for the Intrusion Industry IE: alarm systems. It would allow a central monitoring station to watch many home cameras combining intrusion/alarm with video evidence. It never caught on because of two issues: #1 homeowners did not want cameras in their homes, and #2 created dozens of false alerts.

The hope was this new technology would turn the Alarm industry from a Re-Active Industry to a Pro-Active Industry, but that would prove not to be the case.

Mr. Warshaw, around 2008, believed this CMS platform would be great for business owners that could watch their multiple businesses from one screen or on their phone from anywhere in the world.

Mr. Warshaw took the CMS Platform, enhanced it, and began marketing it to businesses through a DVR or NVR CCTV system. Business owners liked the cameras with the CMS to view during regular business hours, but after hours they were inundated with false alerts and no one watching the cameras.

It became apparent to Mr. Warshaw that the greatest need was for businesses that housed or kept their valuable assets outside and required expensive and ineffective guard services. The guard was, as mentioned, very expensive, the guard was a liability, there was no one to supervise the guard, so in many cases, the guard would fall asleep, the guard could not see the entire property, and if you were fortunate the guard would make rounds, thereby creating several problems – the crooks were smart enough that while the guard was on one side of the property, they would be on the other side. Also, it was easy to divert the guard’s attention.

The solution; Place cameras around the property. Or in the case of construction sites, place mobile trailers around the property. Now the central monitoring station with CMS could see the entire property at a single glance through a monitoring agent, and the cost was much more affordable and much more effective.

The main issue was weaving through all the false alerts to determine if there was actually an intruder on the property. CMS also had many features that were valuable during the hours the business was open. Thus, the beginning of the Live Video Monitoring Industry.
Mr. Warshaw sold the business in May of 2015 with the idea of retiring.

The main thing that always bothered him was the industry’s need for a new generation of software platforms that would address the alert issues and take VMS – Video Management Software Platform to a new level, and bring it into the 21 century. With the advent of algorithms and analytics, coupled with the VMS Platform, Warshaw began to go back to work.

His IT pros began integrating and marrying the software technology’s various algorithms and analytics with the VMS Platform.

The results are the Smart Live View® SLV Platform. SLV® is the most advanced Live Video Monitoring solution on the market today. Finally, the problem that has been plaguing the industry from its inception was solved. As showcased in the video below, US Live Video Monitoring, Inc.’s proprietary VMS with SLV® platform shows all alerts are filtered out. The second an object enters the property, the monitoring agent can react in real-time. Notifying the local authorities while staying in constant contact with them, so when they arrive, they know precisely where on the property the intruder(s) is.

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