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US Live Video Monitoring - Features And Benefits

USLVM provides many other Features and Benefits not available with other video monitoring companies.


USLVM has invested a lot of time and money in the development of our own dedicated Satellite VPN Network, in case no usable internet is available or lost. Most systems are very unreliable with most speeds performing at a quarter of a meg per second – USLVM’s dedicated network is locked in a 4 meg per second, 16 times other systems.

SLV® Cloud Storage:

No need to worry about hardware failures or loss of footage/data – USLVM stores all your camera’s data in OUR STATE-OF-THE-ART DATA CENTER – owned and operated by USLVM on our property in a secure facility – video is viewable and available to download through your own portal. Guaranteeing all our systems and data are solely housed in the US at USLVM’s secure facilities.

Intelligent Search:

Using a series of customized settings, SmartLiveView®’s  Smart Search lets you quickly and easily review recorded video to find suspicious activity. Smart Search is accessed through your VMS SLV®  playback menu. You can set the sensitivity and the duration.

The area of interest is drawn on the video, so you can focus on the specific area you want to review (around a desk, doorway, cash register, assets outdoors, service center, etc.)

Two Way Audio enables you to receive and transmit audio through the IP camera and/or NVR. 

SLV® Smart Search:

  • Filters Out ALL False Alerts and ONLY shows persons or vehicles.
  • Has the ability to mask out all areas not being monitored

This is a great tool for reviewing your recorded surveillance video. By searching only for motion, you are able to reduce the amount of non-relevant video watched, improving efficiency  and speed of your security program.

For example, Monday at 10 am there was a specific car on your property. – Tuesday at 4 pm the car was not there. By setting the search perimeter, the system calendar from Monday at 10 am to Tuesday at 4 pm, the recording will be able to identify who, when, and where the car was removed by and where to. If you then go to search from that same time period, viewing all the video, you will learn where the car went and where the car is located. This applies to anything within the view of a camera.

Suspicious & Missing objects:

Like other Smart Detection functions offered through our proprietary VMS SLV systems, Missing Object Detection can be useful in any situation where you need to keep a watchful eye on a valuable object without having to monitor it yourself. Once a missing object is detected, the camera can record video based on the event, and send a push alert notification to our monitoring department during monitoring hours.


  • Redundancy at every Monitoring Station at every level
  • Power Loss – USLVM uses large gas generators to kick in immediately upon a power loss.
  • Internet Loss – USLVM uses a Satellite system to kick in immediately upon Loss of internet.
  • Roving Agent – If an agent sees an event that requires the agent to follow the object while staying in contact with the authorities, a roving monitoring agent can watch the other sites.
  • Replacement Agent – If a monitoring agent does not show up to work or is late, USLVM has replacement monitoring agent always on site. In addition, all agents are required to be at work 15 minutes prior to the start of His/her shift.
  • Supervisor is always on duty to assist agents.
  • Video Monitoring of all agents with recorded video.
  • 2nd Data site for Backup-Monitoring – in case of Catastrophic Event Monitoring.
  • Agents work the same site every day, so they are intimately familiar with each site

IT Department

Our IT Department is without question the most experienced and knowledgeable in the industry. With years of experience as it applies to CMS and VMS Platforms as well all other platforms and technical requirements.

The heart of SmartLiveView® and US Live Video Monitoring is the technology. The basis of the analytics of SLV® has developed over 15 years. It is a set of software instructions imbedded in our CCTV Engine that uses very little CPU power.

Unlike all other monitoring companies on the market, we do not depend on outside companies to process our alerts. Our competitors use normal alerting. To ellimanate fault positives they are required to send all their video to large server farms to process their Millions of alerts, Per client, Per night. Obviously, these delays put your business and assets at risk.  

SLV cuts out all the false positives by changing the way the actual NVR generates alerts. There for USLVM agents are able to tract an object from the second it enters the property and notify the local authorizes while letting them know the exact location on the property the intruder (s) are.

All other systems detect motion by pixel change. SLV groups motion and classifies the motion, thus eliminating faults alerts at the source.

Data Center

  • US Live Video Monitoring also has its own data center, on-site. We house a 3-level data protection system.
  • This consists of raid Storage – LTO Tape Drive – Secondary data center – AWS Cloud in 4 sectors
  • We also Have Dual fiber link, backed up by our Sat-link™ system.
  • WE do not risk your security and assets in case of a catastrophic event.
  • Our competitors put their data center and monitoring center at one location.
  • We have redundancy by having the Primary datacenter, secondary datacenter, monitoring center 1, monitoring center 2 and corporate office all in different locations.
  • That is 5 different locations, and all locations are connected Via a fiber ethernet backbone.
  • Also refer to the Redundancy section on this page for other major redundancy programs.

USLVM has No Long-Term Contracts All contracts may be cancelled with a 30-day Notice.

In most cases locations that already have a camera system will require no investment for USLVM to monitor your property using SmartLiveView®

Enhanced Security

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  • All new agents go through a thorough Nationwide Background checks and Drug Testing.
  • Days of classroom training
  • Week of working with various Monitoring Agents during a live shift.
  • Agents can only work 6 hrs. per shift and 1 shift in a 24 hour period.
  • Policies and Procedures and Shift End Reports

Enhanced Security

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