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Why a Mobile Security Trailer Can Make Sense for your Business


A mobile surveillance trailer offers an effective solution for the surveillance industry.

In addition, a security trailer provides an efficient and economical solution to companies and government bodies that require portability and swift deployment.

Here a few benefits businesses look for in a portable CCTV trailer:

  • Ease of set-up and break down (only one person required)
  • Fully portable design allows for simple and speedy deployment
  • Great for sporting events, parades, large gatherings, special events
  • Reduction of construction site thefts, thereby saving massive amounts of money on stolen materials and expensive equipment
  • Perfect for short term or temporary surveillance applications

When it comes to remote surveillance security, having the best site advantage point is critical. In addition, it is vital to have a wide range of options and extreme mobility to have maximum viewing and effectiveness. For example, a mobile surveillance trailer, with its high mast, can see over the top of objects and trees.

A USLVM security trailer has the following features.

  • Long term video storage capacity
  • Wireless communication
  • Self-contained and includes outdoor IR CCTV security cameras
  • Self-generating power supply
  • Small in size and easily moved from place to place

Businesses and municipalities look to a security trailer to minimize losses due to theft or vandalism. A mobile surveillance unit is an undeniable asset. It can assist law enforcement and security personnel to stem uncontrollable behavior at events, concerts, or demonstrations. Businesses are turning to this fantastic tool for construction site surveillance, safety training, covert operations, law enforcement, police work, private security, and parking lot security.

In addition, US Live Video Monitoring Inc. offers the added value of live monitoring to complete the security package. Many businesses use the live monitoring option 24 hours a day to dramatically enhance their asset protection.

If you are seeking a security solution for your business that is entirely wireless, extremely mobile, and most importantly, affordable, then consider USLVM’s mobile surveillance systems in conjunction with live video monitoring. USLVM’s portable surveillance unit utilizes the latest state-of-the-art technology, including CCTV video cameras and mobile technology using wireless Sat-Link™ technology. Because USLVM uses the latest cutting-edge technology, they can and will monitor any site…anywhere, anytime, day or night.

Why A USLVM Security Trailer? - Live Guard VS Mobile Surveillance Unit

  • A security trailer never sleeps
  • Will monitor entire property at a single glance
  • Creates no liability
  • Never takes a break
  • Less expensive than a live guard service
  • Ultra-efficient! Highly-effective! Uses the SmartLive View proprietary monitoring system

Security Guard VS Surveillance Trailer

For example: A live guard averaging $20 per hour, working a 12-hour shift on weekdays and 24-hour shift on Saturday and also Sunday. This would cost approximately $9360 per month. Whereas a security trailer’s monthly cost would be approximately $1200 – $1400 per month. If you are already using live guards, imagine how much money you would save with a portable surveillance unit.

We make it simple! One Trailer - Several Options. Lease or Purchase - With or Without Live Video Monitoring

A Surveillance Trailer Will Save You Money While Increasing Security!

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